Who was the worst parent in The Glass Castle?

In the story The Glass Castle written by Jeanette Walls, Rose Mary was a horrible parent for her children.

Likewise, What happened to Lori in The Glass Castle?

Jeannette tells Lori about her escape fund, and the sisters decide that Lori will move to New York City after she graduates from high school. … Jeannette suggests the family takes Lori instead and to send her to New York instead of Welch. Thus, Lori manages to escape and begin her new life after all.

Also, Why were Rex and Rose Mary bad parents?

Rex and Rose Mary were unfit parents because they were inadequate role models, made selfish acts and failed to be concerned about their children’s safety. Rex and Rose Mary Walls were unfit parents because they were inadequate role models.

Secondly, Who was a better parent Rex or rosemary?

Because of this, I think Rex Walls is the better parent. … Throughout the book, she has been distracted except for when Rosemary pushes to move to where Rex’s parents were living. Rosemary thought that they could live a better life there with family; Rex could find a job.

Furthermore What character traits did Jeannette inherit from her parents? A I think the best trait she inherited from her parents was the ability to be able to survive under any circumstance. She can be in any situation and know she will be okay. It could be mentally, emotionally, or physically and she will beat it. If she has little money or food on her own.. she can survive.

Why does Lori get glasses?

While Brian and Jeannette pass their tests, Lori needs glasses. At first, Mom refuses to let her get glasses as she believes glasses are like crutches and just weaken the eyes. However, the school provides free glasses for Lori. … Lori, delighting in her new sight, joins Mom in her zeal for art.

What was wrong with Jeannette Walls parents?

Walls’ father, Rex, was a charming, intelligent alcoholic who was also likely suffering from an undiagnosed bipolar disorder; her mother Mary Rose is a self-described “excitement addict” who often neglected her children to focus on her painting.

Were Rose Mary and Rex good parents?

Overall the Walls children parents ; Rex and Rosemary were great parents who did the absolute best to help their children become great human beings and not have any trouble in tacking their problems. … On the other hand the Walls children had a better chance to put those lesson and skills they learned to the use.

Are the parents in the glass castle good parents?

Not « good » parents at all, but like so many, did the best they could with the skills they’d inherited from their own parents. At least there were some positives and all but the youngest seemingly escaped the cycle. NO, they were not good parents, nor were they successful human beings.

Why did Rex and Rose Mary get married?

Rex and Rose Mary Walls married when they were very young and both felt like they never fit in. Their families disapproved of their lifestyles causing Rex and Rose Mary to lean more heavily on each other. Rex and Rose Mary Walls married when they were very young and both felt like they never fit in.

Do the walls parents Rex and Rose Mary love their children?

Rex and Rose Mary portray their affection towards their children in unorthodox ways that are foreign compared to the acceptable social norm parenting styles. Throughout the memoir, it is apparent that Rex loves his children but his addiction to alcohol hinders his devotion to his family.

How does Rose Mary and the kids cope with Rex’s alcoholism?

Because Rose Mary didn’t feel she could do anything to stop her husband’s drinking, she allowed him to continue and let him get away with doing whatever he wanted. By staying with him and allowing him to drink, Rose Mary acts as an enabler for Rex.

What is the most memorable scene in the glass castle?

The most memorable scene for me was when Jeannette asked her father to quit drinking as a birthday present. I found this part both inspiring and shocking because Rex actually followed through with his promise. I didn’t actually expect him to be paying attention to Jeannette or to follow through with his promise.

What is the most memorable scene in the book for you why explain Glass Castle?

memorable- the scene where she is in the taxi on the way to the party and she sees her mom going through the trash. inspiring- Jeanette and her sister working really hard together to make enough money to get to new york.

How does mom feel about Lori needing glasses?

At first, Mom refuses to let her get glasses as she believes glasses are like crutches and just weaken the eyes. However, the school provides free glasses for Lori. She is stunned by what she can see and hurt by all the years she spent looking at a fuzzy world, certain everyone else saw it that way.

Why does Rose Mary not approve of Lori getting glasses?

When Lori needs glasses, Rose Mary doesn’t initially approve. Her philosophy was… that glasses are ugly and would ruin the look of Lori’s face. that glasses were like crutches and prevented people with feeble eyes from learning to see.

What did Jeannette ask for her 10th birthday?

For her tenth birthday, Jeannette asks Dad to stop drinking as her birthday present.

What caused Rex’s alcoholism to start back up again?

What was caused him to start drinking again after that and why? For her birthday, Jeanette asks the dad to stop drinking, which made him realize that he is a failure to the family. … They convinced him to come by telling him that « he’s the dad of the family » and making him feel wanted and useful.

Is Rose Mary’s wall bipolar?

When Walls published her memoir, “The Glass Castle,” in 2005, it became an instant classic. It tells the story of her outrageous upbringing by Rex, her alcoholic father who was probably bipolar, and Rose Mary, her mother, a self-described “excitement addict” who is a hoarder and also probably bipolar.

Is The Glass Castle appropriate for a 10 year old?

Age Appropriate For: 13+.

When should I remove my child from home?

Grounds for CPS to Remove Children

  1. There is a present and immediate threat of physical or sexual abuse.
  2. Leaving the children in the home is not safe or best for the children’s welfare.
  3. CPS made reasonable efforts to prevent or eliminate the need for removal.

Who is Rose Mary In The Glass Castle book?

Rose Mary Walls Character Analysis. Mother to Jeannette and her siblings, and the daughter of Grandma Smith from Phoenix. She is primarily referred to as Mom in the narrative. Mom originally wanted to be an artist, but her mother convinced her to get a teaching certificate in case that didn’t work out.

What does Jeannette think about her parents?

She never entirely condemns her parents, but as an adult her relationship with them remains deeply ambivalent.

How were the parents good in the glass castle?

The idea of the Glass Castle that the Walls parents continuously brought up to the children gave them a great amount of hope and happiness. With them always being hungry or always moving from place to place, this made them have something to work for and look forward to, making them not want to give up on life.

What did Jeannette learn from her parents?

She learns that she is strong and capable of doing hard things. … She learns to depend on herself because she can’t depend on her parents. The power of dreaming big: Jeannette’s father comes up with the plans for the Glass Castle from the title, and Jeannette and her brother buy into the magnificence of it all.

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