What UTM zone is Texas?

ATM Coastal Topography–Texas, 2001: UTM Zone 15.

What state plane zone is Houston in? All State Plane zones in Texas

County or City SPCS27 Code SPCS83 Code
Hopkins 14202 4202
Houston 14203 4203
Howard 14202 4202
Hudspeth 14203 4203

Similarly, What UTM zone is Edmonton? Edmonton is a large city in the province of Alberta, Canada, the capital and the administrative center of it.

Edmonton, AB, Canada Lat Long Coordinates Info.

Country Canada
DMS Long 113° 19′ 26.3100 » W
UTM Easting 346,335.20
UTM Northing 5,945,045.77
Category Cities

What UTM zone is BC in?

The UTM zones and grid

Sequentially- numbered 1 through 60, from west to east, the starting point for the zones (and the common border between Zone 1 and Zone 60) is the 180-degree meridian of longitude, or International Date Line. British Columbia occupies 5 UTM zones: 7 through 11.

How do I know what UTM zone I am in?

Calculating the Boundaries of a UTM Zone

  1. UTM zones are all 6 degrees wide and increase from west to east starting at the -180 degree mark.
  2. Calculate the eastern boundary of any UTM zone by multiplying the zone number by 6 and subtracting 180.
  3. Subtract 6 degrees to obtain the western boundary.

What zone is the state of Texas?

Texas Gardening Zone USDA Hardiness Zone avg minimum temp
Zone II Zone 7 0 to 10 F
Zone III Zone 8 10 to 20 F
Zone IV Zone 9A 20 to 25 F
Zone V Zone 9B 25 to 30 F

What is my EPSG code?

How many SPC zones does Ohio have? Here in Ohio, our Map projection system consist of two zones, North or South.

What UTM zones exist in Alberta?

3TM/UTM Zone Widths, Central Meridians, and Scale Factors in Use in Alberta. The 3TM mapping plane has a zone width of 3-degrees with central meridians in Alberta of 111o, 114o, 117o, and 120o. The scale factor at the central meridian is 0.9999 and there is no false easting or false northing.

What Cities are on the same latitude as Edmonton Alberta? The most northerly Canadian city with a population of over 500,000 is Edmonton, Alberta: it’s at about the same latitude as Dublin, Manchester and Hamburg.

What do UTM coordinates look like?

The grid is labeled with UTM coordinate values. The vertical grid lines determine East-West position and the horizontal grid lines determine North-South position. Look along the bottom edge of the map at the labels for the vertical grid lines. The two grid lines are 1000 meters apart.

Does UTM preserve area? The UTM projection is designed to create a rectangular cartesian grid. This allows distances and angles to be computed easily, and minimizes distortion. … The Mercator projection is conformal and preserves angles, but distortion increases away from the equator.

What 3TM zone is Alberta in?


Province Zone Central Meridian
Alberta AB-10TM W115.0°
British Columbia BC-3TM-111 W111.0°
BC-3TM-114 W114.0°
BC-3TM-117 W117.0°

What zone is Keller Texas?

Keller, Texas is in USDA Hardiness Zones 8a.

What zone is Dallas? Dallas-area gardeners have known for years the region is warmer than its official status as USDA Zone 7.

What zone is Austin Texas?

Austin, Texas is located in USDA Hardiness Zone 8.

What is EPSG stand for?

EPSG stands for European Petroleum Survey Group. They publish a database of coordinate system information plus some very good related documents on map projections and datums. The Projection Engine uses a modified version of the EPSG model.

What is CRS mapping? A Coordinate reference system (CRS) defines, with the help of coordinates, how the two-dimensional, projected map is related to real locations on the earth. There are two different types of coordinate reference systems: Geographic Coordinate Systems and Projected Coordinate Systems.

What does UTM stand for GIS?

UTM is the acronym for Universal Transverse Mercator, a plane coordinate grid system named for the map projection on which it is based (Transverse Mercator). The UTM system consists of 60 zones, each 6-degrees of longitude in width.

Does Ohio state have its own plane? At Ohio State University, which leases one plane and partly owns another, football coach Urban Meyer and members of his family took 11 personal trips last school year, including a vacation in Florida, a weekend getaway to Cape Cod and a spring break in South Carolina. The university’s cost: $120,000.

What UTM zone is Ohio?

UTM measurements commonly are in meters, although these can be converted to feet. Ohio lies within a portion of zones 16 and 17 as depicted on the accompanying map.

What UTM zone is Calgary? Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)

The city of Calgary is actually divided into two UTM zones: zone 11 U and zone 12 U (Figure T11).

What UTM zone is Saskatchewan in?

northern UTM zones (i.e., 12, 13 and 14) that are applicable in Saskatchewan.

What UTM zone is Nova Scotia in? UTM Zone 20 encompasses most of Nova Scotia. 63° West is Zone 20’s central meridian. At the central meridian the scale factor is 0.9996.

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